Why Sakthima

Why Sakthima?

At Sakthima, we go beyond providing our clients with conventional services- we customize valuable, data-based financial insight that enables our clients to bolster the cost-effectiveness of their processes and improve the allocation of resources.

Service Mantra

We help companies meet today's challenges while charting a path to tomorrow's growth.

Find out what Sakthima can do for your business.
Being in the industry for over two decades now, SakthiMa offers highly accurate and quick accounting services at cost-effective rates. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us are

We strictly emphasize on data confidentiality and data security and hence have stringent policies in place to ensure that all the data you share with us remain completely safe

Our top-quality services are available to the clients at reasonable rates, without any compromise in efficiency and accuracy. The pricing can also be customized based on specific client requirements

We follow strict accounting guidelines and standards to ensure that all the services we offer are prompt, accurate, and error-free

Our processes are designed to ensure quick conversion of receivables into revenue through effective management of cash flow, without delaying the project schedules of the client

We have access to some of the state-of-the-art infrastructure, which enables us to deliver quick and efficient results within the stipulated time

Our team of financial experts ensures that the client organization’s cash flow is maintained by reducing delinquencies and recovering payments within shorter duration

Our team is trained to provide precise and detailed accounts receivable reports for all our clients that help them in effectively managing their cash flows


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