Taxation Related Services

Our Taxation team at SakthiMa, provides holistic tax solutions in various areas of taxation, while doing business in and with India, through advisory, litigation, and compliance support.
Our Taxation Analysis and assessment study is taken up from Planning and IndianTaxation to Litigation Management. In the Indirect Taxation sector, our consultancy covers:

  • Excise Duty
  • Customs Duty
  • Sales Tax & GST
  • Service Tax
  • GST

SakthiMa’s GST Services:

  • GST Returns Process at SakthiMa
  • Our GST returns customer sends us all the income related documents through our secure FTP
  • The income related documents are scanned into images
  • We will then process the payments, receipts, purchases and sales for the entire GST period
  • We will then ensure that fuel scale charges are included wherever relevant and necessary. Our team is proficient in standard and cash accounting. We can employ either of them according to your requirements
  • We will then prepare GST returns for particular schemes
  • We will then send you the updated information in the format that you require. We can also directly update the data on your finance and accounting software
  • GST Returns Software
  • At SakthiMa, our team of GST return experts is proficient at using SAP, Tally, Pro Fit and other such GST return software. We can also quickly adapt ourselves to any of the software that you are already using. We can work on any of the GST return software that you suggest.

GST Return Services
At SakthiMa, our proficient finance and accounting services team will first compare the output and the input of the GST returns to earlier quarters. We will then perform effective analysis and review procedures to make certain that the completed transactions are well recorded. Apart form this, our competent finance and accounting services team can also handle explicit GST schemes specifically related to certain professions.

GST return services to SakthiMa and benefit from professional and competent services at a cost-effective price. Our skilled finance and accounting services team can provide you with the expert GST return services. With our years of experience and knowledge in providing GST return services, we can provide you with expert assistance in solving all your GST return problems. Outsource to SakthiMa and benefit from our efficient GST return services.

SakthiMa’s income tax processing services
Today, a manual approach towards income tax return filing is not only extremely time-consuming, but also, error-prone.
Businesses and firms face an uphill task during the tax season to arrange and make sense out of hundreds of forms, varying tax rates, thousands of different jurisdictions, etc. This not only impacts their productivity, but also their seasonal profitability to an extent.
At SakthiMa, we offer our tax preparation and processing services to various multinational companies as well as to small to medium-sized businesses which are severely overburdened by keeping their tax functions in-house.
We have mastered the tax operations balancing act, and can easily keep pace with seasonality, governmental regulation changes and technology upgrades with the help of automation and expert income tax return professionals.

Our Tax Processing Services
With 19 years of relevant experience in servicing corporations and businesses both large and small, we can help you quickly and cost-effectively manage your firm’s and client’s requirements. Our Income Tax Processing Services include
Federal Tax Return Services
Accurate tax returns and processing requires in-depth knowledge of various tax laws and bye-laws, which differ from country to country, and sometimes, even state to state. Our expert income tax return services can help you mitigate risks with the help of our automation strategies and expert software use for enhanced e-Filing of income tax returns.
Our services include
Individual income tax returns”C” Corporation income tax returnsHeavy equipment Use tax returnsNon-profit corporation tax returnsFiduciary income tax returnsPartnership income tax returns”S” corporation income tax returns
Tax Preparation Services
Our experienced tax professionals can easily prepare your tax returns allowing your in-house staff to focus on more productive areas and high-value services.
Our expertise transcends individual, corporate, partnership, and fiduciary tax preparation, and we pride ourselves in our swift turnaround times. On an average, we can send fully prepared tax returns along with optional review notes with 12-24 hours of submission. Our services include
Income tax filing for individuals (all states)Corporation income tax returnsPartnership income tax returnsIntangible taxesTangible taxesFranchise taxesCharter taxes

We receive all your scanned documents which you can send at any time, as per your schedule

Our tax data entry experts enter all relevant details accurately into appropriate software

All entered information is checked once more for completeness and accuracy

The competed tax copy is send to you for review

Upon receiving your inputs, we update the tax file and send you the final copy which is ready to be filed


Taxation Related Services