Peroxide Killer Enzymes

The bleaching step ensures that remaining impurities as well as cotton husks are removed. When fabric is to be dyed


after pre-bleaching, it is essential that the residual hydrogen peroxide is effectively removed. Failure to do so can result in poor batch-to-batch shade reproducibility as well as uneven dyeing. The traditional method of removing

residual hydrogen peroxide involves multiple rinses, which requires a large amount of water. Using a Catalase Enzyme not only assist in the removal of hydrogen peroxide, but also reduce processing time and water consumption.Om bioscience has introduced enzyme “Filoperoclean” series of catalase enzymes for bleach clean up. Filoperoclean is Catalase enzyme is used for effective “bleach cleanup”. Catalase is capable of breaking down hydrogen peroxide in to water and nascent oxygen and thus helps in removal of residual hydrogen peroxide after bleaching of fabric.

• Effectively catalyze the transformation of residual hydrogen peroxide into water and nascent oxygen.
• Saves water consumption.
• Reduces wastes dissolutions.
• Eco-friendly and biodegradable.

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