Hydrated Lime

Paints Our Hydrated Lime (slaked Lime) has a variety of benefits when used for water and wastewater treatment, including acid neutralization, water softening, and impurity removal. The chemical is also used to treat flue gas emissions containing acidic gases and heavy metals. Sodimate supplies turnkey and retrofit hydrated lime feed and slurry systems for all types of industries.
Soap / Detergents
Iron and Steel
Pulp and Paper
Water Treatment
Effluent Treatment



I. Common information

  • Classification: Calcium Hydroxide
  • Other Names: Calcium hydroxide; Calcium hydrate; etc.
  • MF: Ca(OH)2
  • Grade Standard: Food Grade, Industrial Grade, Water Treatment
  • Appearance: white powder
  • Application: polluted water treatment; making toothpaste, putty, sugar, leather, etc.

Fine white powder, specific gravity 2.24, decomposes at 580 to form calcium oxide, and will absorb CO2 to form CaCO3 in the open air. Dissolvable in acid and glycerin, difficult to dissolve in water,
dissolvable in ethanol.

II. Applications
It is widely utilized in lemon acid, polluted water treatment, leather, waste gas treatment, water
purifier, gold mining, painting, bleaching agent, metallurgy, epoxy propane, medicine, rubber, ethyne
and additive for petro-chemical products.etc.

Supply footnotes:
Packing : 25Kg PP woven bag
Shipment and Payment terms : Within 20 days after receipt L/C

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