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Om Biosciences is a premier biotechnology company, dedicated to the development and manufacturing of environmentally responsible products that offer cost effective biological solutions for ETP problems. The company is promoted by technocrats, who have developed path-breaking products in the environmental and industrial spheres. Each of our products developed may contain upto 82 different strains of bacteria. We believe that this

ENVIRON ENZYMEbiodiversity gives our products a unique effectiveness over different operating conditions in a ETP.
The current practice in ETP relies on adding nutrients to encourage microbial growth already present in the wastewater to enhance biodegradation. Sometimes the right type of microbes may not be used as in the case of using cow dung or some other biomass. Often filamentous type of bacteria grows in the system, which do not have good settling characteristics leading to high suspended-solids in the wastewater.


Application of existing microbes to do the job is inefficient and full of difficulties. Having such inefficient bacteria in your system may cause frequent instability of the system. These generic bacteria are highly susceptible to shock loads and toxic chemicals. Besides, a lot of energy and money is expended in providing dissolved oxygen (DO) to make the inefficient bacteria do the job.


We strongly recommend the Biomax 007 for your kind of effluent to increase the efficiency of your ETP to biodegrade difficult to degrade compounds. Biomax 007 has performed insignificantly challenging situations with astounding success. Biomax 007 is a high performance biotechnology product, which can solve even the most difficult problems of organic waste. Our bacteria have higher metabolic rates and secrete a lot of active enzymes compared to the conventional bacteria, and are adapted to perform in relatively harsh conditions.


About Biomax technology:


Biomax technology is based on bioaugmentation and bioremediation method of treatment. “Bioaugmentation” is the introduction of beneficial organisms into the system, while “Bioremediation” is the use of these organisms to bring about degradation using inducible degradative bio-enzymes.


This biological solution is a process known as “bioaugmentation” also is being viewed as a low-cost and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional system improvements involving new facilities, equipment or chemicals.


A bioaugmentation regimen, introduces superior strains of bacteria on a continual basis to develop a specific bacterial diversity capable of degrading different compounds in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Continuous augmentation is critical in most operations due to variations in influent quality over time, system shocks and environmental factors affecting bacterial diversity. When a system receives irregular loadings of difficult-to-degrade, toxic, or quasi-toxic compounds, the Biomax007 biomass adapts to the new conditions to maintain needed equilibrium.


In the past, biological products have come in 2 forms, liquids & powders. The important thing to remember about biological products is that you are dealing with live organisms. When bacteria eat & reproduce in non-laboratory conditions (specific pH, temperature, & food source), each generation becomes less and less effective. Most of the time, manufacturers add a food source to both liquid and dry products. The food source is most often a cereal grain of some sort. As the bacteria eat & reproduce in these non-laboratory conditions, the product’s effectiveness decreases rapidly. By the time the product is purchased for use, the buyer has no guarantee of any effectiveness. In addition, liquid and powder forms of this type have a very short shelf life.


Om Biosciences utilizes the micro-encapsulation process in all of our product lines. The bacteria are neither dead nor alive but rather in a state of suspended animation or “dormancy”. When the product is mixed with water, the protective barrier is dissolved and the user is insured that the highest count possible of first generation bacteria is ready to go to work on the application. Our high-tech laboratories are dedicated to researching and developing new and innovative treatments and products.

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