Detergent Enzyme

Filodeterzyme 2900 is a mixture of various enzymes preparation produced by a selected strain of Bacillus spp. to be used in household laundry, dishwashing, industrial and institutional laundry detergent industry. Filodeterzyme 2900 is high performance mixture of enzymes for detergent industry.


It removes starch based foods like potatoes, spaghetti, custards, gravies, and chocolates. Amylase present in Filodeterzyme 2900 will randomly hydrolyse starch derivatives into soluble dextrin and oligosaccharide which are easily dispersed or dissolve in the washing liquor.

When garments made of cotton or cotton blends have been washed several times, they tend to get a ‘fluffy’ look and the colours become duller as which are dissolve & disperse in washing liquor. Cellulase enzyme present in Filodeterzyme 2900, restoring a smooth surface to the fiber and restoring the garment to its original colour brightness. It also, removes dirt particles are trapped in the network of microfibrils of garments and are released in washing liquor.

It removes protein stains such as grass, blood, mucus, faeces and various foods such as egg and gravy. These substances are almost insoluble and tend to adhere to the surface of textiles and other surfaces. Filodeterzyme 2900 contain alkaline protease will hydrolyze proteins producing soluble peptides and amino acids which are readily dissolve and disperse in the washing liquor.

Due to hydrophobic nature of fatty stain are difficult to remove by washing. Lipase present in Filodeterzyme 2900 capable of removing fatty stains such as fats, butter, salad oil, sauces cosmetic and the tough stains on collars and cuffs. The enzymes has broad substrate specificity promoting the hydrolysis of a wide range of various fats and oils and producing free fatty acids and glycerol which are easily dispersed or dissolve in the washing liquor.

Xylanases are reported to improve the cleaning ability of detergents that are especially effective in cleaning fruit and vegetable soils and grass stains.

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