Desizing Enzyme

Desizing is very important process to remove sizing components from the textile. The sizing materials are applied on yarn during weaving to strengthen it and reduce wear and tear. Starch is the preferred sizing agent on


cotton/cellulose and blends. To ensure that fabric is well prepared for dyeing and further processing, all size must be removed adequately and uniformly. The removal of these polymers during sizing results in good absorbency, and therefore good dyeing and printing. Failure to remove the polymers can result in uneven dyeing,poor batch-to-batch shade reproducibility and problems during printing.Improper size removal shall result in uneven and inconsistent finish. Om Bioscience has introduced Filozyme series of desizing enzymes.

• For easy and efficient liquefaction of starch size.
• Suitable for Low to high temperature process.
• Suitable for batch and continuous process.
• Eco-friendly and bio-degradable.

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