Bio Scouring Enzyme

Traditional scouring involves the use of chemicals such as caustic soda, which is not only harsh on the fabric, but also on the environment. Disadvantages of traditional scouring include chemical handling, excessive rinsing, effluent concerns and possible fiber damage. Bio-Scouring, an enzymatic process offering a milder and gentler alternative to traditional scouring. Om bioscience has [...] Read More

Peroxide Killer Enzymes

The bleaching step ensures that remaining impurities as well as cotton husks are removed. When fabric is to be dyed after pre-bleaching, it is essential that the residual hydrogen peroxide is effectively removed. Failure to do so can result in poor batch-to-batch shade reproducibility as well as uneven dyeing. The traditional method of removing residual [...] Read More

Neutral Enzyme

Neutral Biopolishing Enzymes Neutral bio-polishing gives the possibility of applying bio-polish before or after dyeing. Due to its broad pH profile (5-8), you can work under different process conditions. Additionally, you can combine the bio-polishing process with other processes, such as Peroxide Neutralization and Bio-scouring for cost optimization. Om bioscience has introduced enzyme “Filozyme Neutrasoft” [...] Read More

Biopolishing Enzyme

Acid Biopolishing The look of Fabric, denim and garment depends entirely on different finish. Use of various acid cellulase enzymes plays important role to impart biopolishing / biofading effect with different look and finish to garment. Om Bioscience has introduced “Filozyme BPL “series of acid cellulase enzymes for the same. Filozyme Biopolish Enzymes has three [...] Read More


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Starch Industries

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Detergent Enzyme

Filodeterzyme 2900 is a mixture of various enzymes preparation produced by a selected strain of Bacillus spp. to be used in household laundry, dishwashing, industrial and institutional laundry detergent industry. Filodeterzyme 2900 is high performance mixture of enzymes for detergent industry. It removes starch based foods like potatoes, spaghetti, custards, gravies, and chocolates. Amylase present [...] Read More

Animal Feed Industries

In the past several years, the application of enzymes and bacteria as supplement in feeds has been widened dramatically. The research was mostly carried out at universities and research institutions with funds in large part by the biotechnology industry, in cooperation with government agencies. Over the years, a better understanding of the ways and methods [...] Read More

Starch Modification Enzyme

Gelatinised starch used for sizing of paper is viscous and difficult to apply. FILOZYME STMD modified starch has lower viscosity enabling easy application in size press, film press or in coating formulation. FILOZYME STMD modified starch is also not prone to amylose precipitation & retrogradation. Benefits Convert Native Starch into Modified Starch for surface sizing [...] Read More

Bleaching Enzyme

FILOZYME BLEACH is a Xylanase based enzyme for application in Pulp and Paper for Enzymatic bleaching Benefits Reduction of Bleaching chemicals by 20-30% Increase in Brightness Reduction in pollution load like AOX, COD, BOD Enzymes & Chemicals play a very crucial role in Paper Industry. They find the usage in the following applications Paper Processing [...] Read More