Biopolishing Enzyme

Acid Biopolishing

The look of Fabric, denim and garment depends entirely on different finish. Use of various acid cellulase enzymes plays important role to impart biopolishing / biofading effect with different look and finish to garment. Om Bioscience has introduced “Filozyme BPL “series of acid cellulase enzymes for the same.


Filozyme Biopolish Enzymes has three major application

a. Fabric Finishing : Use of Filozyme BPL results in an improved handle, increased softness, reduction in dead and immature cotton, removal of surface fibers and prevention of pill formation on cellulosic fabrics.

b. Denim Finishing: Filozyme BPL gives an excellent stone washed look that can be varied according to user’s performances. A wide range of abrasion effects can be obtained with or without stones. Addition of surfactants is suggested to control backstaining.

c. Garment Finishing : Filozyme BPL can be used for general bio-finishing prior to or after dyeing. Post dyeing treatment leads to partial removal of dye and softens the fabric.

• Removes fuzz effectively without loss of fabric strength.
• Provides greater body softness to various cellulosic garments.
• Shows excellent fading and anti-pilling effect.
• Eco-friendly and biodegradable.

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