Bio Scouring Enzyme

Traditional scouring involves the use of chemicals such as caustic soda, which is not only harsh on the fabric, but also on the environment. Disadvantages of traditional scouring include chemical handling, excessive rinsing,


effluent concerns and possible fiber damage. Bio-Scouring, an enzymatic process offering a milder and gentler alternative to traditional scouring. Om bioscience has introduced enzyme “Filozyme Bioscour L” enzymes for bioscouring to cotton fabric .Filozyme Bioscour L is enzyme used to remove complete impurities from the cotton

under mild processing conditions during scouring. Alkali required is low due to high emulsification and dispersing property of Filozyme Bioscour L. Cotton and its blend treated with Filozyme Bioscour L gives natural soft feel with excellent wetting and rewetting property. Due to low alkali consumption it reduces TDS, COD and BOD value and effluent load.


• Complete removal of pectin and protein matters.
• Lower weigh loss
• Alkali consumption is low
• High emulsification and saponification prevents redeposition of impurities
• Excellent wetting and rewetting
• Core alkali neutralization is avoided
• Can be used in all types of machine
• Natural soft feel of treated material
• TDS,COD and BOD value reduced So effluent load is minimized up to a large extent
• Ecofriendly and biodegradable

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