Baking Industries

BAKING INDUSTRIESEnzymes are natural proteins that act as catalysts for biochemical reactions, providing a wide range of quality

improvements in baked goods. For centuries, enzymes have helped bakers get the best from their raw materials. Now, our family of baking enzymes is enabling bakers and millers to produce a better product, naturally, more efficiently and consistently – with the characteristics consumers expect like a good crumb structure and consistent appearance.

We offer a complete portfolio of single-activity enzymes that deliver reliable and consistent results thanks to their ability to catalyze a precise process under specific conditions (temperature and pH). Once completed they become inactive, subtly simplifying the baking process.

Improving baking products

Our enzymes help you to increase volume of baked goods while improving crumb structure, shape and crust color. We’ve also developed a range of amylases and lipases specifically to improve initial softness of bread and cakes and keep them fresh for longer.

Optimizing process and cost

By simply adding natural processing aids like BakeZyme® to your baking mix you can achieve more tolerant, stable, elastic and less sticky dough which is easier and faster to handle.

Enzymes also support you in cutting costs without the need for additional ingredients such as high protein wheat, emulsifiers and gluten.

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