Anti Backstaining Agent

Denim garments are looked at as a major trend setter by our youth. The spread of denim culture all over the world


brought with it a trend of fast changing fashions. One after another several washes were introduced such as stone wash, acid wash, moon wash, etc. Over the last decade, India has probably seen the most dramatic and exciting changes in the washing of denim garments. As per the denim garment export market, this high quality garment has superior aesthetics and great value for price. In terms of the quality aspect, back staining plays a vital role in improving the appearance of the denim garment. Back staining: Back staining implies soiling of the weft thread and the pocket lining by detached indigo or its reduced leuco form. Back staining mainly occurs during desizing or stone washing or enzyme stone washing. Om bioscience has introduced  anti backstaining agent “Eco ABS”  for different look and finish to garments.

• ECO ABS I is a bend of specialty polymer has high dispersing effect.
• ECO ABS I prevents redeposition of Indigo in denim processing.
• ECO ABS I produces the best salt and pepper effect when combined with cellulase enzymes in Denim fading.
• ECO ABS I is a effective washing off agent to remove back stain from processed denim.
• ECO ABS I enhances all round properties when added in enzyme formulation.

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